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Repair and Performance / 1981 Vespa Grande Deluxe petcock problem
« on: September 14, 2011, 06:07:46 pm »
The old and the new are not the same...
Pix #1 Old one
Pix #2 New one
Pix #3 Both

Problem is that the new one will not fit into the tank, It is too long... Is there a simple solution to the problem or am I babying it ... don't want to break it...

Great day for Mopad's today I installed the battery found a 15/16 socket and turned the engine over and it has great spark... now to get everything back together, vine tuned, I plan on riding this Thursday... I want to thank every one that helped me to get it running... I will post pic's later...

More pic's directionals---

For those that wanted more pic's of the oilier and directionals

Hello Jerk_Attack I like what you say about the Vespa Expert... The People here have been GREAT with all of there HELP... I have spoken to several Vespa Experts here... These machines are pretty Simple except for the Human Error... These are the most fundamental of all and can be the most puzzling to overcome... I have been a bad speller scench grade school It was found that I'm deslexic and that is why I miss spell.. I did not know this forum was a Personal Hygene grader so we can be Perfect... I'm not perfact and neather are YOU...

This is a brand new belt,Chain, chain tentioner,Hub,starter clutches, I guess that is all of them... Cleaned the carburetor and Gas tank...
 Next is that Hole to tighten the belt... Then I will try the electric drill trick to check the spark but before I try to start it I will put some oil in the cylinder and lube that first...
Thank you to all that have helped...

That's right the belt is loose... I thought it would tighten when the motor kicked in... leave it to a neeubee.. Not used to all these technical terms...

With the plug out and the decom lever pulled the motor still has enough resistance to stop the rear variator when I try to turn the engine over... It jumps????

Insted of the motor turning smooth through It's cycle, the varaiter jumps when the motor hits compression...

I know I,m asking dumb ??? but I don't know these machines as well as you...The new Hub is Installed and It jumps when the motor hits TDC... Is this normal??? Shouldn't it pull the motor through a full cycle???

what's the compresion on the engine... I think I will check It... If I pull the plug will it run without jumping, I want to check the spark??? I still have no gas In It... 

Still jumps with the plug out and decompression lever pulled...

Here's a Pix of the Oiler and electric bundle... a little out of focus???

Did not get to work on the toy today mabe tomarrow...

Not shore what u want but I will do my best... Nite

Answare the new hub starter clutches are installed Backwards....These came from the factory this way... You can also see that the springs are different, I wonder if the new springs will work or be to strong??? Will find out Tomorrow...

I just came home from a meeting and discovered the problem with the new hub and starter clutches.... See pix...
Pix ###! old Hub
Pix###2 new Hub
can you see the problem I missed it all day???

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