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what are pigeons???

??? Question... Is there a washer or sparser that goes on the Axel before the Variable assembly???

vespa piaggio malossi clutch springs set - for variator
  $25.00 HERE NOW!!    

these springs are for euro rear variator clutch assemblies only, they don't work with the US ones you might be familiar with. so they don't work with these clutch pads, see the different springs there. EURO ONLY. so go get a euro clutch. im sure it's way better!

length = 23.3mm
OD = 7.8mm

These people leave a fella hanging in the dark and could not care less???


This is what I found... can I put a bend in it that will stay or should I order all new springs???

I think I found the problem... see in the pix there is a spring loose in the clutch pads...

I bought the new hub with new starter clutches in it... the belt does not turn at all... I'm going to take the hole assembly apart today and see what is wrong??? Hope I can find something in the clutch parts that is wrong I will take pictures and put on here for your help ... you guys have really helped a lot... I'm going to bring the bike back inside where it is cool...

I'm going to replace the new hub with the ole one to see if it will start skipping again??? with the old hub the belt would start then stop and repeat this action???

This is why I replaced the Hub... You can see the hub has a broken section where the key is...

Just tried it and the new hub is spinning good... when I release the decom lever nothing happens with the belt???

Is the decompression lever on the left side grip??? I don't have the operators manual so do not know the procedure of starting... I'm assuming I need to pull the decom lever then start pedaling???

How do you start it with a drill??? The hub is turning... will check if it is the belt that is new, or the clutch pads...

Some Pix's

Correction It is a Vespa Grande Delux (068/b)only a few of these were imported with the oil injector on them... I need the left side cover to complete the bike to It's original condition... There are a pair in California but the fella wants too much... The bike was in an accident that caused it to be sitting for all these years... the right pedal must have been down turning a corner and clipped the curb causing a split in the frame... I had to straighten the split then using a large warsher to weld over the hole to give it strength... I replaced the chain and tenson sprocket... I was told not to use the oil injector just close it off... does anyone know how to close the oil injector off???
I have cleaned the fuel tank of all the rust and cleaned the carburetor also... I guess I will need to replace the points and condenser...

I talked to a fella out in California and he said I should replace the Hub with new starter clutches... I have seen a purple Vespa and orange but no red or blue...

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