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It is orange, with an oil injector and every thing... you are the second person that has asked what color , why???

This bike was damaged with 209 miles on it and has a sat ever sense I have replaced the pedals and made the repairs, new chain. also tension sprocket. The variator hub and starter clutch needed replaced also due to the key way was bad. Before with old hub the belt would start then skip with new belt now nothing...Could the new starter clutch be bad??? Do I need new clutch pads??? Need Help I,m a Newbie!!!!

General Discussion / Re: new to mopads I have a lot of ???
« on: August 05, 2010, 02:39:07 pm »
I'm sorry if I ask to much... But to send a message is childish and a wast of my time, I thought this was a good forum that helped each other... I was mistaken this is a forum for CHILDREN........


General Discussion / Re: new to mopads I have a lot of ???
« on: August 05, 2010, 12:11:16 pm »
Where do I get Parts??? I need cables fs50. points for the Pouch...
How do you post a pic on here???  clicked on img. and Nothing...

Yes I'm new. I bought a 1980 Maxi sometime ago and it has sat... I also aquired 2- 1980 sz50s + parts bike... I will eather get them running or sell all...I have manuals for both the Pouch and the sz50... I have them listed on cl but one of your members told me about this spot... I have $200 in the fz50's and $300 in the pouch... on a scale of 10 the pouch is a 9.8 for a 30 year old bike...

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