Author Topic: Anyone willing to be paid cash money to help me get my two tomos upgraded?  (Read 1781 times)


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Hello, I have a 1980 tomos silver bullet a3 that I bought in 2011 & seized the engine. I then bought a 94 tomos targa lx and was riding it long story shirt had some things come up so they got now three yrs later I wanna get these going. I live infront of the city museum and saw a gang go by the other week and said damnit I need to get these running. I recently took the head off the a3 and now I can move the pedals and the piston moves. That was a fun walk back from Delmar lifting the back end and steering the front lol. I have some mechanical skills but never really worked on a moped. I've read a lot but can only get so much from text.

1994 targa lx plans:

64cc air sail kit, dellorto 15.15 carb (can't find intake anywhere) estriol pipe
I need new tires (would like some spoke wheels but can't find any)
I wanna replace all gaskets and seals/bearings
Not sure what else needs done as I haven't opened them up yet

1980 silver bullet a3 plans:

Since it seized before should I replace the cylinder or just hone it and but a new piston kit with a high comp head
This ones the ladies bike so just wanna replace exhaust, carb, and figure out the cylinder issue

I wanna get rolling again  and am willing to pay for your time as time is money. I'll do the work if u want as I'd like to learn u can get paid and just guide me how about it? Lol anyways any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm also up for helping labor wise at the skate park i saw on the website if you still need help. Thanks again and hope to be riding soon.

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I have worked with people that want to learn how to wrench on there bikes a bit.  You would need to come out to my place in U.City.  Biggest problem is taht I am  busy with school untill mid May, and work untill end of May.  I have a few other peoples projects that I am working on as well but I expect to be caught up buy that time.  So basically if you still need help in a month I am willing to give you a hand.
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Hello, I was wondering if you still would be interested in helping me learn to get my tomos up and running. I've got the engine pulled but can't get the stator nut off. I have a piston stop and flywheel puller. I live right on Washington ave so I'm not too far from you. I have a puch za50 cdi I want to install along with a airsal 65cc kit and estroil pipe with a dellorto 15.15 carb. I got the new tires on but the engine stuff I'm weary about. Ill pay you cash to teach me. I'd like to learn because I love mopeds and already have two and would like to be able to maintain them. Thanks a lot. My email is or my num is 314-459-1200 thanks a lot



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